Original Assignment

Keep a log that documents your technical projects, especially the installation and configuration of your virtual computer, the operating system, and all applications. Note software and patches installed, including version. Note any changes to system and application configuration, including sufficient detail to revert to previous configurations. Note external resources (books, websites, people) used for guidance.

You are encouraged to include insights and observations, epiphanies of discovery and problem solving. For an example of the kinds of information that professional engineers are expected to keep as an official record of their work, see William Harrison, Engineer’s Notebook, September 11, 1966]October 5, 1967, in Ralph H. Baer Papers (AC0854), Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

If kept in an online document, it should be on another computer or at least save frequently to external storage,  such as a thumb drive. (If it’s on the computer you’re working on and that computer is locked up, you may not be able to access the diary to get some clue of how to fix the problem.) It may be handwritten. Handwritten documents may be scanned. Any confidential information, such as passwords, should be redacted from the version submitted for grading.

You will not be graded on neatness, spelling, grammar, or other measures used to assess papers and reports. Rather, your grade will be on the type and the completeness (and succinctness) of the information. Does it include enough information to help someone figure out what you’ve done?

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