Computer Peripherals

Quite frankly, one of the best things about computers is the ability to expand their scope by adding peripherals such as a printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, USB hub and for the graphics person, a tablet in indispensable.

This section lists the common types of peripherals attached to or installed on the computer.

Name Description
Mouse 5 Button Mouse, has wheel
Keyboard IBM enhanced (101- or 102-key), 12 function keys
Display Description @monitor.inf,%pnpmonitor.devicedesc%;Generic PnP Monitor, 15.3" (34cm x 19cm)
Printer WebEx Document Loader
Printer Snagit 11
Printer Snagit 10
Printer SmartPrintColor2008
Printer SmartPrintBW2008
Printer Send To OneNote 2010
Printer ScanSoft PDF Create!
Printer PaperPort Image Printer
Printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer
Printer HP Photosmart 8100 Series
Printer Fax
Printer DocuCom PDF Driver
Printer Adobe PDF
Network Installed Yes

The name or type of peripheral. WinAudit reports the following common ones: mouse, keyboard, display, local and remote printers, mapped drives and if a network is installed.

A description appropriate to the peripheral in question. For example, if a mouse is installed the number of buttons is shown as well as if those buttons are reversed. On Windows® 98 and above, WinAudit will report if it is a wheel mouse.

By design, WinAudit does not directly interrogate networked resources such as printers and mapped drives. Instead, it reports locally stored information concerning previous connections made to networked resources. This is a performance consideration, if the network is down or if a resource no longer exists then the programme would have to wait for a network time out (typically 30 seconds per resource).

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